Minimalistic Shelves

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Minimalistic Shelves for that Whimsical Look

Minimalistic shelves. The name conjures up an image of something tiny. They do come in various sizes, and the smallest ones are less than a foot wide. But they get their name from their simplicity. They pack a lot of impact into their space, and they add a unique look to almost any room in your house. The minimalistic shelves hang with one screw on a V-shaped metal bracket, making them easy to hang in just about any location.

Our minimalist line also includes three other shelves which combine graceful metalwork with natural or stained wood. These include the hoop shelf which comes in natural finish or dark walnut, the arch shelf, similar to the hoop but with only half the circle, and the oval shelf, which is fast becoming almost as popular as our hexagon shelves.

All of these shelves can be arranged in pairs or groups providing you endless possibilities to give a new look to a corner or wall space in your home.

This is what one of our customers had to say about our hoop shelf:

“I LOVE this shelf! It is so unique and perfect for my bathroom remodel! Highly recommend!”