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Serendipity is Key to Unique Home Décor Items

Sometimes you know you want something special or unique for a particular spot in your home, but can’t put your finger on just what it is. That’s when you need to check out our home décor store which covers a wide selection of products featuring our unique metalworking or woodworking designs—and often a combination of both. Some interior decorators even consider wood and metal as a match made in heaven since the contrasting qualities of each come together to forge a wide range of distinctive products.

Along with our extensive selection of wooden shelving, metal décor, and furnishings, our home décor items run the gamut from hooks and hook racks to essential oil trays.

Our unique and sometimes whimsical items include a wooden dog bowl stand for the canine member of your family, a classy business card holder for the executive on the way up, and artsy stands that hold jewelry or cookbooks. Our beautiful metal candle holders are available in three different heights which produces a stylish cluster arrangement.

You will find all of these designs right here at Timber Made. We are selective in the materials we use in each item to make sure our end products will add that special glow to your home, just as they do to ours.

Visit our site often to check out new creations or take advantage of special promotions!